Saturdays at the Plains

Most days of the week, Anthony and I are tinkering away in the studio- working on new projects, doing custom jobs, and experimenting with new materials.. On Saturdays, we open our doors to the public so you can see what we’ve been up to and so you can scope out our wares! Posters, tee shirts, original artworks, vintage clothing, and more..

Also on Saturdays we sometimes have guest artists perform, host trunk shows or have drawing sessions.. each week is different. Stay tuned for our upcoming event calendar. To receive emails about our events, sign up by emailing:

here are some snapshots from Saturdays of yore:

Anthony and his friend Kate print posters for local band, Riverbreaks

visitors check out the show, ‘Flurry’ by Project Dispatch

Karyn shops the racks!

Mystery Snax are served!

Diane finds a new top!

Jon Lee and Chajana den Harder perform ‘Feed Me’

Adam comes over to draw 🙂

Stefanie and Marianne plan their ‘put an egg on it’ tee shirt

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