‘Low Moments’ opens Thursday 10/25, 6-8pm

As an artist, you learn  to judge whether something is good and ready to put out in the world, or if it should remain hidden in the depths of your closest, portfolios, and journals.  Usually, at the time a work is created, the artist thinks it’s their best.  But in time, the work falls into place along the scale of high – low.

(works left to right by Eames Armstrong, Bryan Ewsichek, Dafna Steinberg)

Join us for a showcase of ‘lows’ by local artists who responded to our open call:
Frank Adams, Eames Armstrong, Kristina Bilonick, Amy Braden, Ruben Breslar, Anthony Dihle, Janna Dinolfo, Bryan Ewsichek, Joe Hale, Mariah Johnson, Becca Kallem, Chandi Kelley, Jon Lee, Kathryn McDonnell, Lisa Rosenstein, Miki Saito, Dafna Steinberg

Come by the gallery between 6-8pm on Thursday, 10/25, and meet some of the artists, enjoy a chuckle and some bad candy in keeping with the theme of  Halloween and ‘skeletons in the closet’.