Opening Friday, Oct 24th in the Gallery: DDAY Collective

Join us for the on Friday October 24th from  6-8pm for the Opening Reception of our next gallery exhibition featuring members of the local arts collective, DDAY (David Ibata, Danielle Scruggs, Alice Wonder, and Yodith Dammlash)
‘Portrait of an Artist’ explores the nature of visual work as a reflective surface, one that gives insight into artists’ processes, practices, influences and distinct personalities. Within this exhibit, each artist evokes their working space (internal/external) by placing physical items and ephemera around the completed work, to provide the audience context into personal influences that inform their craft, helping to complete a “portrait” of the person who created it.

Exhibition Hours: Thurs & Fri 2-7pm, Sat 1-6pm (thru Nov 29)