Opening Exhibition: “Disco is not dead”: Chris Haughery Sept. 30th

Join us on September 30th for the opening of our next exhibition, Disco is not dead, a solo exhibition by artist, Chris Haughery

show shot

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 30th, 5-8pm.

703 Edgewood Street NE #2
Washington, DC 20017 #2: the door is about 20 feet uphill and to the right from the Mess Hall painted wall

Google map:

Show Description

“Disco is not dead” is a departure from Haughery’s previous work, which focused on process and technique to reach predetermined outcomes. In this new body of work, the intent is to throw off those restrictions in order to realize a more unexpected result. Consisting of paintings and serigraph, expressive brushstrokes and vibrant color choices, viewers are invited to contemplate a sense of humor and a carefree interaction with reality.

Chris Haughery is an artist, whose work examines themes of process, memory and the mental patterns that dictate our interaction with reality. His work has been exhibited in the Philadelphia and Washington D.C. area, in group and solo exhibitions.

The event is also an open studio of the printmaking spaces of artists Bethany Hansen and Anthony Diehl, and of other artists’ studios at Edgewood Studios, one of the longest-running art studio spaces in Washington, DC.

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